An Introduction to Concrete

Concrete products are becoming the new material of choice when it comes to designers, homeowners and business owners across Canada. Concrete is very versatile and can be stained, coloured, molded and personalized to your own preference for your home, cottage or office.

As of right now, the most popular concrete product is kitchen countertops. Concrete products are unique in many ways. Most people want something different; something no one else they know has. Concrete products are perfect for that personal and unique touch you are looking for in your home, cottage or office.

Concrete products are all eye catching and appealing for its versatility, look of distinction, natural qualities and craftsmanship.

At D2BD, all our products are hand crafted and made right in our shop in Muskoka. We put all our design and crafting talents together to create the perfect piece for you, your family and friends to enjoy. We look forward to hearing your ideas for your dream projects and making them a reality! Inquire today.

Why Choose Concrete Products

It’s Versatile:

Very few materials are as versatile as concrete. You can mold into any shape, size and thickness as well as colour it to match your home or office decor from rustic to modern. Products can also be made to look like natural materials like wood, stone or brick.

The Distinction:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to concrete products. Each of the D2BD team members puts in their own craft into each and every product being created by the casting techniques, using the materials selected and different colour methods to get the best possible colour into the product.

It’s Natural:

Many go with concrete products for in their space as it looks more natural. Concrete products can be matched easily with different styles of home and outdoor decor around your home, cottage or office.

The Craftsmanship:

D2BD is very passionate in what they create. Each piece is crafted with full effect throughout the whole workshop. The best part is to see the look on their clients faces when they see their final pieces.

How to Choose

(Example: Choosing for kitchen countertops)


A standard slab size appearance is 1.5 inches thick while up to 2 inches is also very common. It is definitely possible to make the slabs thicker or thinner which is usually requested for aesthetic reasons depending on the style you are looking for in your kitchen.


The standard concrete slab (1.5 inches thick) weighs approximately 18.75 lbs per sq.ft. Standard cabinetry will be able to support the weight of the slabs as the weight is distributed throughout a large piece.

Choosing your Hue:

One of the amazing benefits to choosing concrete products are the many different colours and shades you can choose. From light and more natural colours to the sleek, dark colours to reach the more modern look.

Edge Details, Inserts, Special Shapes:

An advantage to concrete being so versatile is creating different edging and inserts. From fancy to simple, edging in many different concrete products gives it the perfect final touch. Inserts are also great to give the piece that unique look. This is perfect for businesses to get their logo placed directly in the concrete as laser cut stainless steel and finished to give it the smooth and polished feeling.